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Turmeric Life is dedicated to providing natural, high-potency curcumin turmeric products and delivering timely turmeric research to our visitors.

Discover the full suite of health benefits turmeric has to offer, including natural inflammation relief and much more.

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Meet Dr Doug

Dr Doug English, an Australian vet and long-time turmeric researcher, created the Golden Paste Recipe by adapting traditional recipes to current cooking practices and materials.

Turmeric Life Bars and Bites present Dr Doug's Golden Paste formula in a range of portable, shelf-stable nutraceuticals. These products are designed to maximise nutritional bioavailability (containing 95% Curcuminoids) for easy absorption by your body.

Dr Doug English B.V.Sc (UQ 1974)
Member Australian Vet Association #333
American Veterinary Medical Association #358538
Veterinary Surgeons Board of Queensland #1019
Qld Cert Ag 1968 (Queensland Agricultural College, Gatton)
About Dr Doug


They fuel my body as a mother and wife, but also to keep me in peak performance.

I love these bars and could not imagine my day without them. I only wish they were around when I was in my 20’s, I could have won more Gold.

Sara Carrigan, Olympic Gold Medallist

Honey says not just good, GREAT

Our sheltie no longer hobbles after trying to jump off the couch or just stand after a sleep. There are no obvious signs of pain everyday. Thanks to Turmeric Dog Bites, she is a happy active dog again. Thank you!

Barbara D

Great product…

I love this product. Good black coffee, a handful of nuts and a banana, add to that a WhamBam bar and I’m up for anything. My recovery time from heavy lifting in the gym has improved - very happy 👍

Stephen L

Highly recommend!

Since going into menopause 18m ago, I have quite literally only had one hot flash EVER! I eat one ChickiBams bar every day, and attribute eating ChickiBams daily to my total lack of menopausal symptoms.


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Founded by Dr Doug English in 2012, has become the world’s largest chat room for turmeric! The Turmeric User Group hosts 24-hour live administration by an incredible team of medical professionals and volunteers, all day, every day! Join FREE for expert advice, personal anecdotes, and actually see how turmeric can add to your life! Everyone always says: “Why didn’t I start sooner!”

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